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As riders we understand how important protecting our bikes against wear and tear is. We also understand what makes a good product - effectiveness, clean running (in the case of lubes), eco-friendly, long lasting and cost. So we understand what riders look for.

Wonderlube was set up in response to these needs and based fully on an in-depth understanding of the science and chemistry needed to meet them.

It is very easy to buy an unlabelled product 'off the shelf', whack your own label on it and claim it to be the best thing ever. Many do this, but not us. We worked with our UK based manufacturing partners to develop the very best product we could within an affordable price range. Wonderlube is made for you and your needs.

Our team is experienced and has been around the bike scene for decades. We're here for the long haul and you're welcome to join in the journey! 

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 Welshpool, Wales





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