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Science geeks and bike riders - we're one and the same! We love riding bikes, we love talking bikes and we want to protect our bikes the best way possible.


The Wonderlube team are experienced bike industry professionals of many years and ride gravel, trail and road....sometimes all on the same ride! 


Our parent company has been in the bike trade since 2007 and opened a bike retail outlet in 2016 so we're not 'fresh faces' and have been talking with riders directly for many years.


Our aim as a brand is to give you what you want and how you want it. We're like you and we understand what makes a good bike maintenance product. 

Giving Back
Giving Back

We are committed to continually developing the product and our range in line with environmental needs and those of you...our fellow riders.

We will also be arranging Wonder Rides for customers and will be supporting various charitable and bike advocacy programmes ongoing. 

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